OSS勉強会 on YouTube Live!

Organizing : https://github.com/itomakiweb-corp/itomakiweb

Group Description

Q1. 「#Itomakiweb?」

A1. "OSS勉強会(=Open Source Software Study Community) on YouTube Live!"

Q2. 「学びは、楽しい!」

A2. "Let's enjoy Learning with us!"

  1. Q3. 「楽しんで開発しましょう。」
    • A3. "Let's enjoy Development with us."

Members 12


  • いとまき
  • Hide Charo (ひで)

Other Members

  • yaza_ta
  • なべさん
  • yujihonjo
  • Inoue
  • tanetane
  • deniyung
  • drum299
  • bacon
  • Y.Kobayashi
  • kazuyuki(^_^)/


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